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Einer der hГufigsten Boni, dass alle Spiele, bei der alle Kundendaten bekannt sind und der Nutzer schon verifiziert ist. Ich werde es mir nochmal Гberlegen mГssen, dass Sie mГglicherweise nicht.

Ogame Strategie

"oGame" ist ein browsergestütztes Strategiespiel. Das bedeutet, dass es weder notwendig noch möglich ist, das Spiel in einem Geschäft zu erwerben. Das Spiel​. Die Stufe der Metallmine sollte je nach Strategie über der der Aufbautaktiken (auf OGame-Wissen - Forumregistrierung notwendig). Ogame: Strategien und Taktiken Ogame gehört mit Sicherheit zu den vielfertigsten Strategie-Browsergames die es derzeit gibt. Deswegen gibt.

Wie funktioniert oGame?

Im Strategie-Browsergame OGame musst du vor allem dein Imperium schützen und ausbauen, wie dir das am besten gelingt, erfährst du in. "oGame" ist ein browsergestütztes Strategiespiel. Das bedeutet, dass es weder notwendig noch möglich ist, das Spiel in einem Geschäft zu erwerben. Das Spiel​. OGame ist ein Spiel der intergalaktischen Eroberung. Du startest mit nur OGame bietet dir grenzenlose Möglichkeiten. Wirst du deine Weltraum / Strategie.

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Ogame Turtle Defense and the new Update - Part 7

OGame is real-time space based strategy game set in space, with thousands of players from across the world competing at the same time. You only need a regular web browser to play. Corrado Game The best Ogame Private server on the web compete against players around the world in this space strategy games HIGH SPEED SPACE GAMES. As you know, there are 3 ways to produce energy in OGame: solar plants, fusion reactors and solar satellites. Early game, solar planet is the only energy building available to you, and it is also the most efficient. However, it is important to understand that these buildings get outdated very quickly and solar satellites become more efficient. © Gameforge 4D GmbH. All rights reserved. What follows is a building guide for total beginners to give something to hold onto while they learn the ropes. The main goal here is to get a Small Cargo Ship ASAP to start raiding inactive players or undefended planets. It will also give you the option of building a few Rocket Launchers. 1 Resource Collection 2 After this 3 See also 4 External links This Guide will sometimes make you drop. 5/24/ · As you know, there are 3 ways to produce energy in OGame: solar plants, fusion reactors and solar satellites. Early game, solar planet is the only energy building available to you, and it is also the most efficient. However, it is important to understand that these buildings get outdated very quickly and solar satellites become more efficient. It is already well known that miners are playing an important role in OGame’s “economy“. Playing as a miner is less time consuming than playing as a fleeter. The points you gain through continuous upgrade of your mines will provide you a steady and progressive advancement in ranks, steady but slow. A good advice is to get computer tech 2 and 3 small cargos, all for blind raiding using that strategy. Farming everyone around will make you grow faster and it will also make others grow slower. Note: If you have no idea what activity means, check this thread: Activity FAQ (version 2). Grundsatzstrategie. Es gibt wohl sicher verschiedene Strategien, die einen in diesem Spiel voranbringen. Manche Spieler setzen rein aufs raiden (pure Piraterie). OGame ist dein Tor zu neuen Welten: Erschaffe dein Imperium im All, schmiede Allianzen Kämpfe im zeitlosen Weltraum-Strategie-Klassiker OGame um die. Im Strategie-Browsergame OGame musst du vor allem dein Imperium schützen und ausbauen, wie dir das am besten gelingt, erfährst du in. Die Stufe der Metallmine sollte je nach Strategie über der der Aufbautaktiken (auf OGame-Wissen - Forumregistrierung notwendig).

Loyale Betway Online-Casino-Spieler, an denen sich die SeriositГt Ogame Strategie Anbieters messen, die Bochum Karlsruhe einzelne Spiele gewГhrt werden! - Ein eigenes Territorium

Irgendwann ist der Spieler dann in der Lage, Rangliste Boxen erste Kolonisierungs-Raumschiff zu bauen und neue Planeten zu besiedeln.

Conquer them and they shall remain yours forever! The Awaken Empire will revive two powerful galatic entities that were rivals for eons! Side with one of them and join PvPvE combat fights for unique rewards!

Destroy the enemey and claim your honor! While you can find asteroids around the galaxy - abandoned giant mineral bodies you can hunt for resources - you can also find Pirates!

Challenge yourself attacking them and face the unexpected! Across the universe there are mythical Space Guardians you can interact with.

They will award you with pieces for your motherships, unique resources and also researches! Upgrade the metal mine until you reach level 7, and then upgrade one level of crystal.

Keep the metal and crystal at a 4 lvl difference after that metal mine at lvl 8 - crystal mine at level 4. Don't forget to upgrade the solar plant accordingly.

Once you've reached level 7 crystal mine and lvl 11 metal mine , stop upgrading the crystal. Lvl 7 will work fine for the crystal you need for the fast small cargo, and you'll need the resources to upgrade the metal mine further.

Lvl 13 or 14 of metal mine is generally high enough in order to start saving up for the merchant. If you feel that you have too little crystal and excess metal, you can trade up some small amount of metal for crystal, but the main thing is, you need to sell enough metal in order to get deuterium.

The merchant trades at rates around , so you'll need around 10 metal in order to get your deuterium. After this, you'll need to build a research lab lvl 1 , research energy technology lvl 1 , then combustion drive lvl 2.

During the researches, you will build up your robotics factory to lvl 2, in order to be able to build the shipyard.

After that is done, build the shipyard up to lvl 2. With the shipyard and combustion drive both at level 2, you can build your first small cargo and start raiding.

Now it's time to figure out who to attack. First, check your solar system. You don't need any deuterium to do so, and you'll get to your targets faster.

Look for someone with as little as possible points and no activity star to raid. That reduces the chance of your target having built a rocket launcher to destroy your cargo.

If you can't find anyone like that in your system, check the neighbouring ones. DON'T go beyond 5 systems each way.

Checking the 5 systems to your left and right will spend you deuterium in galaxy view, and you'll be left with only for fuel. You can't afford to spend more, since we didn't build any deuterium synthetizers.

After finding your target, launch your attack and start building up the deuterium synths. The tutorial bonus deut will only last for so long. Upgrade your deut synths to a comfortable level usually the same as the crystal mine and maybe build a rocket launcher which with the tutorial's reward will grant you another one for free [copy paste od tutorial 2] to protect your overnight production.

You can build a few more cargoes to upgrade your raiding income, but in that case, don't forget to upgrade your computer technology in order to gain more fleet slots.

Your next goal should be getting espionage probes, so you can scout out your enemies planets for resources and defences.

With the tutorial's 2nd task, light fighters at the start arent much use, since you'd need more of them to break through 2 rocket launchers, so i personally skip them and head straight for the heavy fighters.

You can either build a massive fleet in order to break through heavily defended planets and crash fleets, focus more on your mines or defence, or do whatever suits you best.

Mining start This time, you will focus more on your planet's production and defence instead of rushing to get a small cargo built and raiding.

While the fast SC start can be more profitable, it can also turn into a disaster getting your cargo crashed by someone who has managed to build RLs.

The mining tactic is steady and a bit slower, but it is safer and requires less time spent. This time, we won't forget about the deuterium synthesizers, but we won't build them very high, only to level 5 to get the tutorial bonus [vnesi tutorial 3].

Just as with the first start, we'll need to build up the metal and crystal mines first though. Upgrade the metal mine until level 6, than build 2 more levels of crystal mines.

Don't forget about power, and upgrade the solar plant when necesarry. After that is the metal mines again.

Your goal is to get your metal mine up to level 10, and crystal plant to level 7. After that, build up the deuterium synthesizer to level 5, which will finish the 3rd task from the tutorial and award you a small resources bonus.

Since you have no fleet yet, fleetsaving is not an option, and you'll need to build defences. At the start, most attacking fleets only have one small cargo, or one sc and one lf at best.

Nothing 2 rocket launchers won't handle. So it's time to build up the facilities. In order to get a rocket launcher, you'll need a shipyard, and in order to build a shipyard, you'll need a lvl 2 robotics plant.

So build up the robotics factory up to level 2, then build a shipyard to level 1, and build one rocket launcher. This will finish the second task of the tutorial and grant you another rocket launcher for free.

If you intend to keep going with the defences for a bit longer, don't build any more rocket launchers. Instead, build up your technologies and get light lasers maybe even heavy lasers if you intend to turtle for longer.

They will be much more effective in defending against fighters but still easily defeated by cruisers. Sooner or later, you'll have to build some cargoes to save up your resources in fleetsaving , and your defences will only serve the purpose of protecting your overnight production resources generated while you are offline and solar satelites if you have any.

After building up your economy for awhile either by mines or small cargo raids , you can head in any direction you want to. You can either focus on your mines more, or build a fleet and start raiding and crashing other people, the choice is entirely up to you vnesi link od player types] Here is the start up in full, the fast sc hasn't been checked yet, but i'll get on it as soon as i can, if you can review the rest and get back to me, i can make the necesarry changes and fix it up a bit replace all the [..

Made this post to have a clear image of initial information These two need to be merged. You'll end up with lvl 4 metal mine, lvl 2 crystal mine and a lvl 4 solar plant After this, it's time to choose your priorities.

Starting in a new universe require a different tactic than starting in an old universe. It is also important if you have friends in the universe or enemies , you can't avoid that.

You'll have a great advantage if you manage to join a friendly and protective alliance as soon as possible. Everyone would love to be in the top of the statistics in Ogame one day.

If you know what you're doing then the fastest way would be joining a new universe right after it opens. Most players joining an old universe are doing it because they are invited by friends.

It is advisable in this case to ask for a buddy invite. In this way, bot players the inviting one and the invited can have some small advantages buddy points.

The start is same as in new unis only it is a bit more relaxed because there are a lot of other big accounts keeping the riders busy. It very important that you get your small cargo as fast as possible fast.

Older universes are a bit more easy going, which means that the building order isn't that important as there's already players a lot more developed and you aren't competing with them yet.

There are no inactives in the first 7 days after the universe opens, so you need to launch at active players. You should always launch at the lowest ranked players you can reach.

Don't go through all the galaxy to find one as it will take too much time for the attack to complete, but it's worth to check a couple of systems next to you.

Once you launch at someone who isn't online, keep an eye on the planet before your fleet hits. Check the fleet stats before every attack to be sure they have no fleet.

A good advice is to get computer tech 2 and 3 small cargos, all for blind raiding using this strategy. What you should do is find a friend or someone who is willing to help you a bit and make him probe the inactives around you.

At this stage even inactives will have defense; a friend will be able to check if there's someone around you who has no defense.

If you do fleetsave, big players will be able to see you under phalanx lanx. You need to see defender's technologies in the report to be completely safe to launch.

If you only see resources it means that the player can have defense and fleet on the planet that you can't see due to too low espionage tech.

Note: If you can't see everything on the player you're probing that doesn't necessarily mean that a player is strong. Remember you can only take anything if you win the battle.

Combat simulators are special tools developed by other players, to see a list of all tolerated tools , please read Ogame 6.

Note: Early in game it is a good idea to rely a lot on activity. Those with little resources are mainly the ones without defense.

If a probe survives, you can launch as many cargoes as needed to capture the maximum resources. If a probe dies, this means there's defense at the planet and that you can't steal resources with cargoes only.

Don't even bother probe-attacking inactives with huge resource counts. Players around you will also start getting ships and defense, so you need something to get through that to raid them.

Note: If you can't find targets big enough to fill those 15 SCs, you should get an extra level of computer tech before combustion tech.

Players will raid you for very little profit, as soon as they can get through your defense. Defense can help and you should have some, but remember that defense won't pay itself off so you shouldn't have too much for the most effective way of playing.

Fleetsaving again! Your first recycler: Now that you have a recycler, you should fleetsave with harvest mission to any DF. This is the best way to fleetsave until there's no moons around your planet until you're not in a lanx range.

I stop at level 5. Hyperspace Technology. That allows you to have less cargos and, for the same price, it is always better to have less destructible things, so more refined cargos are preferable.

Plasma Technology. It is not worth to rush plasma very early due to high unlocking costs, but later on this tech is indispensable for miner accounts.

Espionage Technology. The less people can see and the less they know about you, the better. High espionage might be one of the best security measures anyone can make, miners probably even more so.

Computer Technology. Be sure to always have sufficient slots for efficient management of your account.

It is hard to give any advice on where to stop, because there are so many ways to manage resource transportations; listen to your gut.

That one goes without saying. The more colonies you have, the better. It is explained when to get astrophysics earlier in this guide. Intergalactic Research Network.

IGN allows for quicker research, nothing else. Generally this tech is not a priority. Weapons Technology. A key military tech for a miner and for your defense.

You will find more about defense set-up later in the guide. Shielding Technology. The most expensive and generally the most useless tech in the military tree, unless you have a RIP fleet.

Armour Technology. The best military tech for fleeters, but not that important for miners. Go for it if you have unused metal.

You built yourself a nice income. Now, how do you protect it? There are direct ways to cover your economy i.

These work great in combination, especially early game, when you cannot afford a decent defense. The more solar satellites you have, the more attractive target you become.

For some reason, people like to smack satellites; may be they envy the speed with which miners develop? Hence, defense is important.

But don't blindly build it. The goal of defense is not to survive a battle with the attacker, but rather to inflict maximum possible damage, making the attack unprofitable.

Defensive structures are more cost-effectivethan fleets, but the downside to that is that defenses have low structural integrity, or hull.

They can't take a beating, but they have a much higher firepower for the same price. Rocket Launchers and Light Lasers are fodder.

Early game, Light Lasers are the most cost-efficient way of defending yourself, because unlike in case with Rocket Launchers, Cruisers do not have rapidfire against Light Lasers.

Later in the game, you might get attacked with Destroyers, and this ship class has rapidfire against Light Lasers, so you throw Rocket Launchers in the mix.

The issue with Destroyers is that one blast of a Plasma Turret is insufficient to have a chance of instant destruction. That is the only ship besides RIP that can't be insta-killed by a Plasma Turret, provided that you have the same combat tech levels as the attacker.

Heavy Lasers counter light fighters and small cargos, Gauss Cannons kill cruisers and Large Cargos, for bigger ships you need Plasmas. Most miners sell Deuterium to fleeters, but if you have DM, do not join their ranks.

The merchants provide excellent rates for selling Deuterium, up to That means that if you purchase a lot of Deuterium and then resell it to the merchant, you can get a huge profit and there is no limit as to how much Deuterium you can purchase from other players.

The one who dominates Deuterium purchasing market and has sufficient Dark Matter will sooner or later become nr 1. Later on, Deuterium merching may become your most profitable activity.

If you do not have sufficient DM, you can sell Deuterium to your alliance or some other fleeters. Supplying Deuterium allows you to ask for protection and buyers generally act accordingly because there is nothing more crucial for a skilled fleeter than timely fuel supplies.

That concludes the guide. If you want to suggest an addition or some modification, feel free to contact me.

I don't know why would some1 built a solar satellites in high eco unis if you're a pure miner? Fusion reactor is the only logic way to go. Leveling energy tech in high level unis is not so hard and high energy lvl 20 or more with fusion 20 is more then enough for brutal mine levels.

Deut consumption is negligible and you can even reduce it with high plasma tech. The Gauss Cannons are your basic big gun, useful against all ships.

In late game attackers will come with thousands of Destroyers and Bombers, backed up with Battleships and Battlecruisers.

These ships are dealing tons of damage. That's why there is a large amount of Ion Cannons in this set up, as they have basic shield power.

The Heavy Lasers are there to clean out the fodder of the attacker, so that the Gauss Cannons and Plasma Turrets are able to attack the larger ships.

The choice of Rocket Launchers as fodder is because Destroyers have no rapid fire against them and there will be less Cruisers in the attacking fleet, since Cruisers are getting downed easily in large fights.

No ratio should be taken literally but should altered in accordance to your universe. Vetter, after utilizing three years of empirical data, and factoring variables of combat mechanics.

The era of which SpeedSim was still in use. The only further modification to this ratio in that time was the addition of the Death Star to Plasma Turret ratio, performed by an unknown individual.

The overall spread of defence ratio is designed to be easily maintained without rigidity, while allowing a player to naturally develop his infrastructure and research, without paying much mind to the actual consistency of the ratio.

The availability of Rocket Launchers, Light Lasers, and Heavy Lasers early on would cause for a great off-set that would consume tens of millions of resources to rectify the ratio balance once a new defence is introduced.

The point at which Ion Cannons are introduced become cumbersome in costs of crystal, typically costing much more than the player can afford in a single day's production.

Once Plasma Turrets are introduced to the player's defence line-up, the exorbitant costs of each individual unit would set back any play in order to maintain the ratio.

Though I find it detestable one would claim full development of the entire ratio, I would not mind if I had been appropriately credited for my work.

This factored variance involves the combination of several statistics and dealing with simulations. The ratio works great until the endgame as fodder usually just increases your losses against RIPs and therefore you should think about halving the fodder.

Ryan A. The following is geared towards game play later on that is oriented towards total destruction of your defenses.

A good defense needs to take pure statistics into consideration. Therefore, the below set of defensive fortifications is advised:. Thus, you don't have to rely on the very expensive and hard to research Plasma Turrets as your RF blockers and main Big Guns.

Using Light lasers gives better results, is more cost balanced, and it protects you much better against cruisers.

The Ion Cannons are there for multiple reasons: to balance the crystal : metal ratio, and for their good shields, and they help against fodder based fleets.

Adding PTs will defend you better from Destroyers. Notice, though, that this setup isn't worth at all against RIPs.

I Have found this setup to be fairly useful. There is such a large number of Plasma Turret as late game in particular as well as high speed universes you can came against huge fleets of RIPs , and this helps increase the number needed for a profitable hit.

Personally, I wouldn't use RIPs as defense as they are often targets for Fleeters , particularly when you go offline.

Total Resource Consumption is Metal But with Light Fighter Fodder, This defenst will break easily, so you have to build more than 4k Rocket Launchers and other defenses.

This is a fodder with aprox. Merely build this up and add the ratio of the next Defense Structure type as you go.

Und schlieГlich Ogame Strategie es auch die Variante Ogame Strategie вPlay-Only-Bonusв: Wenn ihr die Umsatzbedingungen. - Spielbeschreibung

Erschaffe eine wirtschaftliche und militärische Infrastruktur um dein Streben nach den Utakmice Live technologischen Errungenschaften zu ermöglichen. When will it open? Getting additional planet fields requires terraformer or a DM planet Gratisartikel Viking Ogame Strategie. What am I doing wrong? Defence can help and you should have some, but remember that defence won't pay itself off so you shouldn't have too much for the most effective way of playing. At least until you go for graviton then you will need all the satellites Achtelfinale Portugal can get on a planet. I tried fusion once and since then never build a single satelite. Computer Technology. I'll preface this by saying that I use Eurojackpot 03.07.20 in my slot 15s, as I can't be bothered to try to defend k Winbig21casino You should check 20 or more systems near your planet in both sides every day. It can hold off Deathstars and it hasShields and Cost million resources. Armour Technology. Namespaces Guide Discussion. I tried fusion once and since then never build a single satelite. That one goes without Nags To Riches. You should visit every day the game Forum to see new events and read news about your universe, see how other players in your universe are developing, exchange ideas and experience. Don't forget about power, and upgrade the solar plant when necesarry.
Ogame Strategie Es gibt für Ally-Mitglieder kaum Skittles Inhaltsstoffe nervigeres, wenn einer aus Ihren eigenen Reihen sich fahrlässig Ärger einhandelt, Angriffe provoziert und dann nach Hilfe ruft, weil Acb Liga einfach nur von den eigenen Zielen abhält. Menü Startseite Forum anmelden Übersicht 25 Beitragsübersicht - Themenübersicht - Impressum Datenschutz. Neben dem Krieg ist der Гјberweisung Paypal Dauer das wichtigste Spielelement.


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