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Wish For More Genies

If Du had three wishes from a Genie, what would Du wish for (think, don't wish The most beauty Ive ever witnesses was in the light of day, so vampire is OUT. ME: I wish for more wishes GENIE: you know I can't do that ME: okay I wish for you to live an eternity of torment for failing to please me. The geniuses are always happy to help her, granting her three wishes. Leah asks her genies for more Pigs in a Blanket, but the genies give her real pigs.

Be a Genie in Six Easy Steps

Your wish is my command (Disney Aladdin) Digital Art Print - Inspirational Genie handmade gift, vintage & on-trend clothes, unique jewelry, and more lots more. Aladdin and the Genie will live forever in this world and in my heart "​genie. If Du had three wishes from a Genie, what would Du wish for (think, don't wish The most beauty Ive ever witnesses was in the light of day, so vampire is OUT. Learn more about Be a Genie in Six Easy Steps in the GEH-online digital they become genies, they can wish themselves back to London and their old lives.

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SML Movie: The Lamp!

Since genies are not regulated by any goverment agency, and we have very little real world experience with them, it is hard to say what the rules would be in an actual encounter. I am sure there are genies who would grant a wish for wishes and another for 20 more genies, and others who would deny all three wishes on technicalities. Top Ten Wishes You Would Ask a Genie for If You Had Aladdin's Lamp Unlimited wishes Yes! After this I would wish for: unlimited money -the ability to order anything off any website for Make someone fall madly in love with you Genuinely in love definitely. I would definitely do that! I wish to be. No. Genies have no power over each other. If you wished for more genies through a genies' magic it'll be a facsimile of one and have no true power. View Entire Discussion (1 Comments). Genies do not have to grant all wishes, they do however HAVE to grant three wishes. In folklore, Genies can just say "No" to certain wishes that would violate anyones privacy, or grant them more wishes. SoffNoon_ 14 feb 3. Show. "I wish for more wishes" "you cant do that" "i wish i could" "damn". Early Wishes should be used to get more copies of Enter the Dungeon into the deck, effectively letting Burning Wish and Death Wish act as copies of Enter the Dungeon. Early Game. Early turns are spent getting the main game into a subgame as fast possible. The meaning of "bad" is of course discussed elsewhere on Philosophy SE. But never dupli-dupli-dupli-duplicated!!!! Xodarap Xodarap 2, 11 11 silver badges 23 23 bronze badges. If Gremloids turn you into a Free 777 Slot Machines and trap you in a bottle, wish for freedom from yourself, then wish to have unlimited wishes. That also takes care of my second wish, Verifizierung Instagram friends. OverDrive Read EPUB ebook. Backyard Ballet. Weitere Informationen Sender Noggin Amazon-Alterseinstufung Alle Weitere Informationen. For example: "Answer me true how do we obtain world peace" oder "Answer me true, how to make a interstellar spaceship" Merkur OsnabrГјck "Answer me true, what is Weiter week's lottery Null Roulette Now wish 2 and 3 would be provided with the answer.

Aladdin : Yup, and then infinite wishes. Genie : Granted and… granted… Aladdin : And I wish for you to prevent me from ever making a bad wish.

Source: CollegeHumor I think that wish number 3 is actually quite smart, as many wishes are not quite thought through well, and usually backfire when granted particularly in jokes.

Ah, no I see, this is basically saying, I wish that your restriction doesn't count. Well, yeah, that actually would be the easy way out.

Jack I thought that wish number 3 was actually quite smart, as many wishes are not quite thought through well, and usually backfire when granted particularly in jokes.

I would formulate it differently though. But really this can be done more easy by just wishing to be maximally happy in the first place, which is what I would actually really do.

Well just saying that "bad" is discussed by philosophers doesn't make it more secure ; Also again, as well one could have asked for "make me wish the best wishes" in the first place one didn't even have to think about how to trick the genie into having infinite questions since, if that is something "good", the genie would do that for you.

Jack Note that with your comment on "happy" you are touching on philosophical debate also in economic theory, political theory, decision theory, and probably more fields.

Your other comment "make me wish the best wishes" seems quite a smart short-cut, but you asked about infinite wishes. However, also, note that both strategies might result in the loss of some free will.

Which might be bad. Tradition brings us two more rules regarding wishes, however. Here are all three: You cannot wish for more wishes. You cannot wish to kill or bring back from the dead.

You cannot wish for anyone to fall in love with you. Again, these rules seem to have more generic rules at the heart of them: You cannot wish anything that would alter the structure of the wishing system itself.

You cannot wish to bring anything into existence which is not already in existence nor remove anything from existence. There are so many loop holes, like you can wish for a loop hole to have more wishes.

CelestialGaze 14 feb This is a cyanide and happiness cartoon. I wish you had short term memory loss. WestonIsABoss 14 feb I actually laughed at a feature.

It's been like 3 years since that happened. Anyone else hear a Cascade of Robin Williams in their head? I wish for a ring that grants infinite wishes.

TakeNoShift 14 feb When given 3 wishes from a gene, are you supposed to becareful for what you wish for? Like there is a twist to it?

Or am i thinking of something else? Doomshow 14 feb Infinite Robin Williams. Wish for 4 wishes to be taken away, now u have negative wishes and nobody knows tf happens now.

GamingMomentsWTF 14 feb I'd wish for the old Genie back This is a cyanide and happiness comic, twitter aint shit. DiscoChickenNugget 14 feb How more genies presumably.

You will regret the new genie you have gotten P Robin. New genies aren't bound to you. IntelligentStranger 14 feb MemesAlotToMe 14 feb Just wish away the rule about 3 wishes.

Woodwork 17 feb Whats the difference between a genie and a djinn? TexanLegionary 17 feb I wish that had the magical power to do anything at the snap of a finger.

ShroomOfDoom 16 feb I wish all my wishes would come true. Wish one, have all wishes exist out side the existence of time. Wish two, any wish you want.

Wish three, go back in time to right before you make the wishes. Now you get two wishes every time you go back in time and you could do this forever until you are happy with what you got.

Infinite PewDiePie Subscribers. Congratulations you've read cyanide and happiness you fucking jerk. MrGrinns 15 feb Meseeks paradox.

You're gonna get "Jenny" instead. JuzRepost 4 nov Take notes Aladdin. ILikeDogs3 4 nov Aladdins Genie: And no duplicating the genie of the lamp. Genies are tricksters.

You would just get a bunch of Genie brand vacuums. Raiynah 4 nov I wish for you to be bad at math.

LibtardsSucc 4 nov Easy: 1. I wish I could wish to alter the rules of this contract. I wish to alter the rules of this contract.

I wish for unlimited wishes. Ok James acaster. ImGoingToStrangleAsuke 3 nov To become the world's greatest sorcerer. Freedom for the first genie.

The ability to turn people into genies. I wish for no rules. Also takes care of my second wish: more friends. I wish that a new mobile game came out and was called D.

Watch The Wish by Tomska. I wish my imaginary friend was real. JuicyJenitalz 3 nov I wish the lamp would always return to me.

Oh look, a cyanide and happiness comic in the form of a tweet. How original. Forgeman 3 nov Wish to be able to grant your own wishes, only if you say them outlouad with confidence.

CRS 3 nov FuckECheese 3 nov TheKingMS 3 nov Wish for no Rules on wishes. ConfederateStateOfAmerica 3 nov Just wish for omnipotence, come on.

Just wish for no rules. Baconboi 6 nov Or he grants them, but they all appear on the surface of the sun. Gamefisher 4 nov Boi's we found a loophole.

You could also wish for no rules. OP's confusion might stem from the Genie's phrasing: IIRC his exact words are "Ix-nay on the wishing for more wishes".

Number 2 is actually "Can't make anyone fall in love with you". D0S81 D0S81 1 1 silver badge 1 1 bronze badge. The Overflow Blog. Ciao Winter Bash !

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Three More Wishes: Be Kind To Your Genie (Marvin and Fatima Book 1) (English Edition) eBook: MC, Doctor, Commotion Kindle-Shop. Geschäft If you can't wish for more wishes, wish for more genies. funny poster und kunst entworfen von Gold Wings Tees sowie andere funny waren an. If Du had three wishes from a Genie, what would Du wish for (think, don't wish The most beauty Ive ever witnesses was in the light of day, so vampire is OUT. If Du had three wishes from a Genie, what would Du wish for (think, don't wish for Mehr wishes oder Mehr genies XD)? - Frage and answer in the Zufällig club.

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Because I'm so effing disgusting.

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Finally, I'd wish to weigh what I should weigh for the rest of my life. PanManWithNoPlan 4 nov Active Oldest Votes. Wish to be able to grant your own wishes. And that's opinion based since we can't determine what Dog Game For Free wants I wish for the ability to grant my own wishes. Infinite Robin Williams. Nenebird 13 feb SenorDeadpoolio 26 sep. I wish that a new mobile game came out and was called D. DrunkenTattoos 15 feb Dippidydoda 14 feb AdvertisingM 5 nov 11/3/ · A genie would be alive which means you cannot wish for more genies due to the no wishing for life or death rule. EpicGamerOogway 4 nov Copy Facebook Pinterest Twitter Email {{ shortRepliesCount }} Show. I wish I could wish for more wishes. IdahoPotatoNative 4 nov The genie will grant every person who rubs the lamp three wishes. So, just make your first wish the power to compel anyone to do and say anything you command. Toss the genie back in the lamp and grab the first smuck you see and compel him or her to make three wishes for you. 12/28/ · can you wish for more genies that grant wishes? They say you can't wish for more wishes, but can you wish for an unlimited supply of lamps, containing a genie in each lamp? It seems we have ourselves a loophole.
Wish For More Genies


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